05 November 2013

Best Port Scanning Tools

Port Scanning is the first step to begin the search for security holes in web server . where we should look for open ports that allow to find a vulnerability in the web server . Here are some good kinds of port scanning to try to do the initial penetration .


Nmap port scan is based script that you can use on the Linux operating system and includes the operating system backtrack . Nmap is an open source or free apps .

2 .Web Port Scanning Tools

In order to more easily conduct a search of open ports on the web server , we no longer need to install the operating system of our computer . Because we can perform port scanning online . Such as port scanning web applications base following
a. http://www.t1shopper.com
This web base not only can perform port scanning , but also can perform port scanning has been provided in the radio button like FTP / file server open / vulnerable , vulnerable Microsoft Remote Desktop , Scan for remote firewall log and much more .
Of the domain name is certainly a web -based hacking tools . you should try this tool , because the process is very fast port scanning .
w3dt.net web -based port scanning did not leave port option that we can choose , we just input the IP address and port as a whole will be scanned by him .

port scanning tools that you can try to penetrate the webserver . at the above web -based port scanning , or others that you can find on google are usually still use nmap script implemented on their website