15 February 2011

Chinese Hackers acting

The hackers (hackers) who operate from China allegedly managed to steal information belonging to oil companies and gas from Western countries. The way to break through the
computer network company in question though is equipped with advanced devices.

According to the Associated Press news agency the report was submitted by one of the leading manufacturers of anti-virus, McAfee Inc.., Thursday, February 10, 2011. He did not mention any company that successfully sabotaged Chinese hackers. Oil and gas companies were mentioned only in the United States (U.S.), Taiwan, Greece, and Kazakhstan.

McAfee said that the hacker attacks that began in November 2009. "They identified tools, techniques, and network activities that are used in the attack, which we refer to as 'Dragon Night,' mainly originated in China," according to McAfee.

Method of operating the hackers it is considered not to elaborate. However, they are known to be very patient and have for years allegedly infiltrated in the target computer network.

"It looks like the traditional style, which is paved to steal data," said Josh Shaul, executive security services company computer system from Application Security Inc.. in New York.

Last year, in a joint report from McAfee and Centers Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, USA, revealed that more than 300 power plant operators and other infrastructure admit they infiltrated the computer network is unknown.

In general, the motivation of hackers is to squeeze the companies they seek. Oil companies become soft targets because it is believed a very large income.