10 December 2008

Root tricks

Trick 1:
Enter a line in the crontab for root, to execute a file in the home directory
of the user you created. Then the file will be executed on the server with
root privliges. And just imagination sets the limit for what you can do.
Slackware also have /etc/cron.daily and then it is just to make a symbolic link.

Trick 2:
In /root there is a file called .profile witch is executed whenever root logs in,
you can enter a line to execute your file in there too. Then the file gets executed
evertime root logs in.

Trick 3:
Look at the crontab settings for root, any "legal" programs there? If there is,
change the name of that file in the crontab, then make a bash-script that will execute
your file, and the one that is suposed to be run. This of course might make some
trouble, but you will sort it out. :-)

I think your getting the idea now, and can think of some solutions yourself. Get to work now,
have fun.