10 December 2008

Recovering Your FTP Password

Ok, I’m assuming you have downloaded and unzipped Brutus.

Open Brutus.

There a couple of things we will need to change.

- Change the Target field to your ftp server (In my case it is ftp.angelfire.com)

- Change the type drop-down menu to FTP.

- I would recommend using a proxy, but that’s up to you. If you don’t use one, you can get in a lot of trouble! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

- Under “Authentication options” tick “Single User”, then in the User ID box, type your FTP username.
- Go to pass mode in the “Authentication Options”, you can change this to either three things:

1. Word List
This goes through a list of words and tries every single one, if one of the words is your password, it will tell you when you start cracking.

2. Combo List
This is only good if you want to try a number of different usernames.

3. Brute Force
This can take a long time, but will almost defiantly find your password! (Assuming you define the settings right.)

- For this tutorial, I am going to use Word List. “words.txt” should already be selected, but if you want to use a bigger word list, hit the “Browse” button.
The settings you should be using if you’re getting your password from an Angelfire Account. (Don’t forget to change the username!):

Ok, once all the settings are in, hit start!
When/if its finds a password, it will make a Beep noise and show you the password in the “Positive Authentication Results” Box.

Good luck!
Hope you can find your password!