20 December 2008

Proxy Servers

A. What are Proxy servers

Well before we can explain what proxy servers are we must show you alittle how the internet works. The internet has thousands of users. How does it indentify each user? Well it does it by "packets" these packets tell alot about you and your computer. When you connect to let's say Yahoo.com packets are sent to yahoo.com servers and inside the packets the following data is sent:

Your I.P. Number
Your Operating System
The date and time you where connected
and any data you submitted to yahoo.com

This is how they work. Now, How is this a security risk? Well if you visit some hacker sites thet can get your ip and hack you and they can find informaiton about your os and that helps a hacker because he can look up exploits for your os and so fourth. So we are going to show you how to hide your real ip using a http:// proxy and we will talk about socks and http:// tunneling. Now how does a proxy server work? A proxy server works like this. Instead of your computer connecting to yahoo.com directly and sending packets this is what a proxy does. Your computer connects to the proxy. The proxy then connects yahoo.com and then the proxy sends the page to you. Instead of your ip being shown on that page the proxy's ip is shown Thus hiding your ip.

B. Enable a Proxy Server

Ok to enable a proxy server open up internet explorer. Now go to the following:

Tools > Internet Options

Now when the internet options dialog appears click on the tab that says "Connections" You will then see a button that says Lan settings. Click on this button. Now once you have clicked up on this button you will see a check box that says "Use proxy server for lan" Now check that box and enter a proxy server and a port number. You can get them by going to stayinvisible.com. Now once you have a proxy server your not done yet. Your still unsecure. There are alot of ways to get your ip still. Now before you close that box out click on advaned. You will see a a button next to the port number field that says "advaned..." click this button. Once you click it another dialog appears that is called "proxy settings" Now you will see a check that says "Use the same proxy server for all protocals" un-check this. Now just click ok for now and then apply the new settings. Now you cant use a proxy if your running on a windows 9x machine. Anyway we will come back to why we did this later in this article.

C. Your Os and other info.

Now let's say you are running on a xp os and you have a proxy with this address enabled: "293.223.232" so now your packets send this info:

293.223.232 5:01 PM 12/8/2003 Windows xp, MISE 4.0 (Comaptiable with IE6;Win32)

Now you got your ip hidden but they can still see your Os and your Internet browser. There is a quick and easy way to fix this. Hold down the windows logo key + r and the run dialog appears. Type in regedit and then click ok. The registry editor has appeared. Now navigate to this key to change your os version:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion

and you will see all of your information. Now Only Change the following keys:

The Version
Your name

dont change the c:\windows keep that as your root directory! I am warnign you! Now when you restart your machine when you visit your website it will say whatever os you typed in there. I have linux mandrake listed for mine. Now once you changed that navigate to this key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\User Agent

and change that to whatever you want.

Now when you surf the internet the packets send this data out:

293.223.232 5:01 PM 12/8/2003 Linux Mandrake, Opera Webbrowser

See I faked all of my information. And if you want to go further change the clock's time and date.. But that wont help the hak0r much. lol =)

D. Socket Proxys

Now Socket proxys they dont work like http:// one's do. Socket proxys work with individual programs such as Aim and Icq and so fourth. Now socket proxies are going to be harder to find then http ones. That is because there's just not a real demand for them. So go to google and type in one of the below

index of/socket proxies



and so on... Now once you have found one open up internet explorer again and go back to tools > internet options > connections tab > lan settings > advaned... and where it says socket proxies put your socket proxie. now be aware that http:// proxies will not work for a socket p roxie. You have to find one for sockets. Once you enter it your and apply it your more secure then you where before you read this tutorial. Now there is one more security issue and that is cookies. I would suggest you limit your cookies to a certain size and also maybe have a program "delete" all of the cookies after you close a internet session. Anyway I hope this tutroial has helped.