20 December 2008

MSN Messenger

Here is a tip for those of use who or security conscience. msn messenger
keeps a list of all the people who are on the contact list of anyone who
has used msn on your computer. open up regedit or what ever you use I use
nortons version.

step one: navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER
Step two: open up software
step three: open up microsoft
Step four: open up MessengerService
Step five: open up ListCache
step six: click on .NET Messenger Service and steer in amazment that all
that info is on your computer and u didn't even know about it
step seven: right click on .NET Messenger Service and press DELETE.
step eight: give yourself a pat on the back

Msn will continue to work as normal and as far as im aware it doesn't
replace the entry.

Note: I have only tested this on WIN98SE as that it's the only OS I havE
access to. if you use something else I suggest exporting the entry before
you delete it just to be sure your safe.