10 December 2008

IRC Basic Commands

/alias Alias_name Command Creates a command alias with an existing command
/channel #channel_name Joins the channel #channel_name
/clear Clears the display
/ctcp nick command Executes some special commands (PING, FINGER, VERSION,
/invite #channel nickname Invites nickname on #channel
/kick #channel_name nickname Ejects nickname from #channel_name (needs to
be an operator)
/leave #channel_name Quits the channel #channel_name
/list Shows the list of channels (can be very slow)
/lusers Shows statistics for server
/map Shows all servers connected
/me message Does the action specified by message on the channel
/mode mask Changes the mode for the channel or for a nick (you need to be
op on the channel)
/motd Shows the Message Of The Day
/msg nickname message Sends a private message to nickname

/names Shows the list of people connected (can be very slow)
/nick nickname Changes the nick to nickname
/notify nickname Prints message when nickname connects/disconnects
/query nickname Allows a particular chat with nickname
/quit message Disconnects from undernet
/quote command Sends command directly to the server
/raw command Same as /quote
/topic #channel [text] Shows [Changes] the topic on #channel
/who mask Shows people matching the mask (can be a channel)
/whois nickname Shows information on nickname